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Mission Statement

Our mission is to recognize and honor the memories of Rose and Nels Hedlund of Illiamna, Alaska by preserving their versatile and unique line of working Alaskan Huskies, called the Hedlund Husky.

Our vision is to: (each number will have a link to either another page or .pdf file that gives details about that particular point. We need to work on the details as they are not complete)


  1. To dispense historical and current information with regards to this very special line of Alaskan Husky.


  1. To practice highly selective breeding to ensure a healthy and versatile line that continues to evolve while staying true to its origin and the vision of the founders of the preservation program.


  1. To maintain high standards in how our dogs are kept and how they enjoy their lives in our care.


  1. To be highly selective in choosing only homes for our dogs which support the vision and mission of the Hedlund Husky Preservation Program.


  1. To keep current records regarding the progress of the line including litter and placement details. This information is to be accessible to members.