Our Project Mission

... is to recognize and honor the memories of Rose and Nels Hedlund of Illiamna, Alaska by preserving their versatile and unique line of traditional working sled dogs (also referred to as Village Dogs), called the Hedlund Husky. Our goal is to perpetuate the working skills and traits for which this line was orginally intended and/or the modern-day equivalent to include active companion animals.  In addition to proper function and structure, these dogs will be preserved keeping their original indigenous appearance in mind as we recognize that this is a big part of what makes them unique.

Our vision is to:

  1. Dispense historical and current information with regards to this very special line of traditional alaskan husky.
  2. Practice highly selective breeding to ensure a healthy and versatile line by staying true to its origin and the vision of the founders of the preservation program.
  3. Maintain and to advocate high standards on how these dogs are kept and how they enjoy their lives in our care and in the care of others.
  4. Be highly selective in choosing only homes for our dogs which support the vision and mission of the Hedlund Husky Preservation Project.
  5. Keep current records regarding the progress of the line including litter and placement details. This information is to be provided by and accessible to all members.

Linda Newman: Founder and Director

Founder: Revived Hedlund Husky Preservation Project Initiative - est. 2004
Points Unknown: Dog-Based Adventures
82 Irish Creek Road
P.O. Box 51
Hovland, MN  55606

Kim Fitzgerald: Founder and Board Co-Chairman

Founder: Original Hedlund Husky Preservation Project - est. 1989
16150 Bushes Road
Palmer 99645


Thom Swan: Founding Member and Board Co-Chairman

Historian, Genetic Research
Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs Kennel
P. O. Box 16237
Two Rivers, AK 99716


Board Members

Veryl Goodnight
44255 Road L
Mancos, Colorado 81328
Home: 970-533-1172 Cell: 970-570-7768

Francine Alt-Greene
Adoption/Rescue Coordinator background

Jeff Greene and Vaughan Harries
Web Administration and Media
Halogen Web  Studio

Founding Member

Lidia Dale-Mesaros
Uktousa Traditional Alaskan Huskies